Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Animal Therapy’

*Unfortunately, the title ‘Animal Physiotherapist’ is not protected, meaning anyone can call themselves a physiotherapist without any university qualifications and without being regulated by a governing body such as ACPAT. This is why the education, qualifications and experience of who treats you or your animals, is so important.

ACPAT is a professional network which ensures the highest standard of animal physiotherapy is being met. To become a member you have to complete a minimum of 5 years university training to show your competence as a physiotherapist.

Rochelle is a member of both the ‘Chartered Society of Physiotherapy’ and ‘ACPAT’. Her qualifications mean she is audited to prove the maintenance and development of new skills, ultimately setting the standards in delivering the highest level of human, horse and dog physiotherapy in Southampton and Hampshire.

When you choose an ACPAT physiotherapist you are receiving high quality and experienced physiotherapy for both you and your animal. If you would like more information, please visit ACPAT.