Your dog is not just another patient, they are our patient

Our dog physiotherapy services provides bespoke injury rehabilitation with the option of home based or clinic appointments in Southampton. We see a variety of patients from dogs living with chronic comorbidities, post operative patients and sports conditioning.

You will be seen by an ACPAT animal physiotherapist meaning your dog will receive the highest standard of treatment. The service includes a gait examination and a thorough neuromusculoskeletal examination to ascertain potential sources of pain, including bony, soft tissue and neural structures.

We also provide  20minute online video assessments for £15 which can provide clarity on your dogs musculoskeletal health. This service provides the opportunity to ask any questions you have regarding injury management or identification. It also provides the chance for gait assessments and movement anaylsis to identify strengths and weaknesses.

You will feel informed and confident in how to manage your dog now and in the future

You will be seen by a practicing human physiotherapist

We can help reduce pain, improve independence and enhance quality of life

Treatments might include:

  • Tailored rehabilitation programme

  • Deep and soft massage

  • Myofascial release

  • Trigger point therapy

  • TENs and NMES

  • Electromagnetic therapy

  • Photobiomodulation (LASER)

  • Communication with other professionals including primary vet, surgeon and hydrotherapists

  • Advice and education so you feel informed and confident with the physiotherapy plan

Physiotherapy New Patient


*Inclusive of admin charges

Physiotherapy Follow Up


*Travel changes may apply

Other Services Provided

Puppy Checks

These appointments are designed to learn the do's and don'ts when owning a puppy. Get peace of mind that your puppy is making the best start in life.


Laser Packages

If you need laser as instructed by your vet but cant travel regularly, we can provide tailored packages for you.

Price dependent on package


Sports Conditioning

Conditioning your dog can be a minefield. These appointments provide the chance to learn what exercises work best for your dog and their sport.


*By law under the Veterinary Surgeons Order (2015) all animals must have veterinary consent prior to physiotherapy unless it is for maintenance management. All animals must be registered with a veterinary surgeon prior to physiotherapy

If veterinary consent is required for your dog, you can either download the referral form under the referral form tab and get your vet to complete it, or we can do it for you. Please take time to read our terms and conditions in the same section prior to booking an appointment.

Canine FAQs 

What is canine physiotherapy?
Most people have either had physiotherapy themselves or know someone who has had it. Canine physiotherapy follows the exact same principles and treatments. Evolution has meant we are all designed to move, however after illness, surgery, injury or disability this can be difficult. We can help restore movement whilst reducing pain, improving strength and ultimately independence. 

Do you treat other small animals?

Yes we treats Cats and other small furries such as rabbits.
What conditions/patients do you see?
We see a variety of patients but below are the most common conditions;
-  Post-surgical rehabilitation , soft tissue or bony surgeries 
-  Management of chronic conditions such as arthritis
-  Conservative cases  
-   Conditioning programmes
How do I book an appointment?
You can contact us through the website, call 07476820808 or email us at [email protected] . We can then discuss your needs and if appropriate you can download the form on our website to email or drop into your vets. We can also send the referral form for you once we have some details.
How long will physiotherapy take?
This is a million-dollar question and difficult to answer, purely because every case is different and so is the reason for physiotherapy. We will answer this however after an initial appointment. We do tailor our rehabilitation plans to you, for example if you would prefer to space appointments, we will ensure you feel equipped with our rehabilitation plans to do this at home. We can also provide packages which you might find more suitable.
Can my insurance cover physiotherapy treatment?
It is dependent on your insurance but we always advise to check with your insurer prior to your first appointment. 

Are there any extra charges?

Travel charges will be applied over a 10mile radius.

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